Blues have our backing - make us proud!

Dave McTiernan is congratulated after opening the scoring in Whitby's 5-0 win at Guisborough 'picture: Brian Murfield
Dave McTiernan is congratulated after opening the scoring in Whitby's 5-0 win at Guisborough 'picture: Brian Murfield

WHITBY Town supporters have sent the club a pre-season message to the boss Darren Williams and his players - the Whitby Gazette is pleased to share that message:

Dear Whitby Town players and management - This season is shaping up to be a promising one.

With the squad looking like one of the most promising in a very long time, the fans are starting to gather a bit of optimism, despite the disappointing results against Scarborough Athletic, Pickering Town etc.

Over the course of the second half of last season, Darren brought together a team that were starting to become a force to be reckoned with.

Obviously some have moved on, but the majority have remained with the football club, and you know what it was like for us fans at Buxton when survival was ensured. We showed you what it was like and you hopefully showed us the start of a bright new dawn.

We, as fans are passionate about our football club, and every single one of you, from the board to the players have our 100% backing, especially Darren, Cammy and Dennis, who we the fans believe are the men who can be the masterminds behind the possible future success of Whitby Town Football Club.

Throughout the last few seasons, the die-hard fans like myself have prepared for the worst sometimes going into a new season, with every new season bringing a new relegation battle.

Every time we have survived, but the nerves it generates aren’t good. It creates negative energy off the pitch, with this, I feel not helping matters on the pitch.

The negative energy wasn’t helped by the fact in the last few seasons, up until around the middle of last season, the ground was relatively silent.

This is something us fans are working on and we are working on it successfully I feel, generating a lot of noise at most games, even with only a few people being there at times.

In recent years, the average attendance has been around the 300 mark. This has been due to the poor performances of past teams before yourselves, this isn’t your doing. You have the power to change that though.

When the results come, the people will come. The belief will come.

Before you know it, you could be pushing your way into those play-off places. You could become the next generation of Whitby Town heroes.

You have the potential to lead this club forward into a new age of success. You can make names for yourselves.

Just believe in yourselves. Work hard, play hard. Go out and give 110%, for the fans, for Darren, Cammy and Dennis, but especially for yourselves.

For your careers. Imagine the heroic status you could give yourselves in this town and in the stands.

Players will come and go over the course of the season, but to every single one that pulls on the blue shirt, all we want from you is 110% in every game you play. Make us proud to support Whitby Town, and we’ll try our best to make you proud to play for Whitby Town.

Every single one of you will have our backing from the stands. Now make us proud please lads! We wish every single one of you the best of luck!

Now, Darren, Cammy, Dennis and Robbo, take the lead, and lift us to new heights! UTB!

Thank you,

The Whitby Town Supporters.

* look out for our eight-page Whitby Town season preview in Friday’s Whitby Gazette (10 Aug).