Blues fans urged to boost fund to back boss Hardy

Whitby Town news
Whitby Town news

Whitby Town supporters are being urged to help the club reach their first £1,000 in the next week for their new ‘Seasiders’ Treasure Chest’.

The initiative, which was launched last week, is designed to allow supporters to donate to a ring-fenced fund that will go specifically on the club’s playing budget.

The brainchild of the club’s new commercial team, the ‘Treasure Chest’ has raised £750 so far, but club officials are now urging supporters to help them reach the the four-figure mark.

“We’ve had an excellent start to this, but we can’t afford to rest on that,” Paul Connolly, the club’s media and communications manager said.

“We really hope that supporters buy into this idea, and I’m sure they will.

“The response has been great but we’re edging closer to four figures, and we really want to reach that first milestone.

“Every season is a constant fight to get a capable team on the field.

“We have arguably the smallest budget in the league, but we’re up there with the biggest ambitions.

“We want Whitby Town to be mixing it at the top end of the table, but we don’t have the money to throw at it like some clubs.

“We have to build a squad with similar ambitions to the club’s and I believe Chris Hardy is doing that, but we need to be able to back him that little bit more.”

Donating to the fund is a simple process, with supporters given the option of pledging money to three stages:

Stage 1 – 500 people donate £10 – Total £5,000.

Stage 2 – 100 people donate £100 – Total £10,000.

Stage 3 – 20 people donate £250 – Total £5,000.

If the club completes these three stages then the original 500 have the option to donate a further £10.

This could raise the club up to £25,000 to aid Hardy’s (pictured right) squad building.

Fans can pay into the fund by using PayPal to, or can pay directly into the separate bank account.

Email for details.