Blues fans off to Pickering - on foot

Whitby Town fanatics Andy Lever and Andrew Snaith are set to repeat their 20-plus mile walk to Pickering, from the Blues’ Turnbull Ground, this Tuesday (Aug 6).

The Seasiders supporters made the epic journey, alongside fellow fan Devan Robson, before last year’s Pickering v Whitby friendly, but ran into difficulties.

“I think we got a bit lost”, Snaith lamented.

“We missed the game, but we lost 5-2, so that wasn’t a problem.

“The darkness and lack of direction proved a bigger stumbling block. That and the vicious herds of cows.”

The walk is in aid of Whitby Town Football Club and you can donate at the next home game, which is against Scarborough Athletic, on Saturday week, August 10.