Your views sought on a Shed for women

The people behind the Sleights Area Men's Shed (SAMS) are investigating the possibility of having a shed for women too.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 3:00 pm
Sleights shed is on the lookout for women

SAMS serves not only Sleights but Whitby people too. It is close to its first anniversary and has grown from seven to 17 men, from one to two days a week and from one to two workplaces .

It has also grown in the scope of work tackled and the all important outcomes for the individual Shedders.

Men’s Sheds in the UK are growing in interest and in number as communities discover the health benefits originally pioneered in Australia.

SAMS is pleased with moves for more groups to establish self-supporting Men’s Sheds in further places in North Yorkshire.

There has been female presence at SAMS quite frequently and reactions to the workshop atmosphere and the underlying aims of the Shed have been very favourable.

So why not a Ladies Shed? We feel that there is no intrinsic reason why not and Women’s Sheds in Australia are popping up.

SAMS has been pondering on a Ladies Shed for the Whitby area for some time, and last week’s story in the Whitby Gazette regarding Royal Voluntary Society/Asda support for Sheds has been the final spur to action, encouraged also by some of the support agencies SAMS relates to, who see Sheds for ladies as a very worthwhile proposition.

Do you have views or questions on this and in particular would you be interested in there being a Ladies Shed for Whitby or indeed elsewhere?

Maybe as a prospective attender, helper or referrer?

SAMS would welcome hearing from peple. You can call 07763 656627 / 01947 810776 or email [email protected] or go along to SAMS to see it and imagine for yourself how it might be tweaked for ladies. Visit to view the video there with some of the early reflections of the men.