Yorkshire Day

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My wife and I both in our 60s were married in Whitby last year on Yorkshire Day.

We decided to celebrate our anniversary this year by returning to our beloved Whitby, for a few days, with Yorkshire Day being in the middle.

It was very sad, that the day was not remembered by many, the Deputy Mayor read the declaration outside the Tourist Information Centre to a small crowd of approximately 10.

The information centre had produced a corner about celebrating Yorkshire Day, with gifts, a Yorkshire quiz a raffle and more, all sourced by themselves without any official help.

Close to the Information Centre Whitby Bloom group had a stall selling white roses, how fantastic, a big round of applause for these people, however that was it.

We even asked staff in a well known shop (with Yorkshire in it’s name), If they knew what day it was and they were unaware of Yorkshire Day, very disappointing.

Looking forward to more festivities there next year as we are hoping to purchase a property, in Whitby, to retire to. Fingers crossed, here’s hoping Scarborough does not take all the glory again, as it did this year.

Kenneth Probst by email