WWII food fair is offensive

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After doing my shopping, I decided to walk through the food fayre and found myself walking through a WWII fun fair instead.

I fail to see any reasonable connection between the war and food, as most of the time there wasn’t any food.

What a shame the food fayre was exploited as yet another opportunity to glorify WWII and make out that everyone was running around in fox furs, eye makeup and listening to Vera Lynne.

On the subject of fox furs, that is another thing that I found offensive.

A food fayre is not a valid excuse for parading the skins of animals who were killed for sport, rather than for food.

Actually, most hunts were stood down during both world wars because people were too busy trying to keep alive to have fun of that sort. One of the few positive things to come out of the conflicts.

My parents are both from London and I was born near Bletchley Park. I’ve heard about the war as it really was.

My great grandmother was a German Jew, so probably relations of mine died in death camps. Not something I want to be reminded of.

Penny Hodges, Corner’s Terrace, Whitby