Wonderful memory of the kindness of Whitby people

Recently on holiday in Whitby I met with an accident in the station car park.

Whilst waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive so many kind people came over to offer assistance.

I was given a blanket and cushion from one lady, a chair and offers of tea from the nearby station cafe, and countless offers to help from other car park users.

When the local police arrived they put an ice compress on my injured foot and patiently stopped with my husband and myself until the ambulance arrived.

I subsequently had the very best of treatment from the two paramedics and Whitby hospital.

Fortunately my injuries were light with no bones broken.

I came home to Sussex with a wonderful memory of the kindness of the local people.

Thank you and well done Whitby.

Brenda Tangstram, Hunters Way, Uckfield, East Sussex