Why is merger back on the agenda?

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In reference to the recent article merger back on the agenda?

It should be remembered that only a matter of months ago this community took part in a full consultation on school federation, a consultation based on a statutory framework holding legal significance.

All parents and other interested parties were offered the opportunity to have their say.

This involved a set timeline and included a series of open meetings at each of the three schools.

This followed a strict due process that was both democratic and formal in outcome.

Indeed, it should also be noted that this consultation process cost the Local Authority and therefore the taxpayer a reputed £32,000! The end result was that federation was thrown out.

So why is merger back on some people’s agenda? None of the arguments have changed.

It seems the only thing wrong with the democratic consultation process is that it did not produce the answer that some wanted.

It would therefore appear that the only way the local authority and others can try to resurrect the debate now is by cutting parents and the wider community out of the discussion.

Surely, it is arrogance in the extreme to believe that those who serve us have the right to make decisions for us and not with us?

Many schools have already moved to academy status including those in North Yorkshire. Perhaps it’s time Whitby schools and the parents they serve were also directing their own future.

David Briggs, Pannal Close, Whitby by email