Who is to be the North Yorkshire Police and crime Commissioner?

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Who will it be and do we need one?

Is this another Government department (guango) to be set up to re-employ some of the recently made redundant overpaid and under-worked public sector employers.

I realise that the political agenda of the race and diversity laws will be exercised, however I think that there could be a bias towards the elected person.

Last week I received a flyer in the post sent by the electoral commission in pink and the ballot box highlighted in pink.

Probably the idea of a Commissioner is based on Commissioner Gordon’s work in Gotham City, Has Batman and Robin anything to do with the elections?

Are they being imported to see fair play? (Incidentally there was rumours going around about Robin a couple of years ago).

To gain information on the candidate or candidates there is an official website on the poll site notice letter www.chosemypcc.org.uk (this doesn’t work) - I’ve tried it.

Who is the Joker? Is it someone who Nick Clegg has recruited to organise the day, it smells of a John Prescott influence (he’s looking for a job I understand).

To be quite honest I wouldn’t be a policeman for all the tea in China the way that they are treated in and out of the force, but I would rather have a policeman in charge of the police than somebody with an OBE for working with the WI for 40 years.

To quote a journalist in a national newspaper - ‘You couldn’t make it up’

Roly Allgood, Ellerby, by email