Who do they think they are kidding?

I have followed closely the debate on the above subject but the comments by Chris Fraser of Sirius Minerals in the Gazette (1 February) beggars belief.

He makes the assertion that 91% of people responding to his survey were supportive of his proposal, with less than 1% against.

Who did he ask?

Certainly not the men or women in the street, my bet is it would have been landowners and people with vested interests who would benefit from the mineral rights.

People such as Mr Shardlow of Sneaton who pleads in the same publication “do not force young families out of the area” (by denying them employment), but of course he has extensive acreage beneath the proposed mine development so it is obvious where he is coming from

Such massive development should never be allowed to be even considered on National Park Land, but I fear that it is a done deal, and if allowed, the National Park Authority should be ashamed of themselves.

Stuart Grey, Boulby Drive, Loftus by email