White men speak with forked tongue

I read with interest J and W Books letter regarding York Potash.

He says and I quote “The economy and jobs of this area of North East Yorkshire have traditionally been supported by the three pillars of tourism, agriculture and fishing, how fantastic to be able to add a fourth pillar in the form of the York Potash project” Unquote.

I hope he never has cause to regret his words. He writes that Sirius Minerals, the parent company of York Potash is still a small company and that they appear to realise that if they are to grow then they must work with, and not against the people and landscape of our National Park.

Obviously they will do and say all the correct things to be able to get a foot in the door, all businesses are motivated by one thing and one thing only “Money”.

When listening to this sort of thing let me tell you what the American Red Indians used to say and I quote “White men speak with forked tongue” unquote.

For the benefit of anyone who may not quite understand, it means some people will say one thing and actually do the opposite.

I have learned in life never to believe what you are told in the first instance and always, question, question, question! How such a thing can even be considered inside a National Park is a disgrace.

Once something such as this is allowed to go ahead it will open the door to countless other projects and the National Park as we know it will be gone forever.

JA Newton, Robin Hoods Bay