Whitby ticks all the boxes

I have just been watching James Martin working in Scarborough Hospital kitchens cooking.

I was taking an elderly relative for an appointment this week to Scarborough Hospital who is unable to walk to the department.

I couldn’t find a wheelchair in the entrance so had to ask; I was shown where they were kept and the only one available was rubbish.

I couldn’t push it forward so had to pull it and it still had a mind of it’s own. I had no help at all getting my relative into it.

I too have trouble walking.

I struggled to get her to the department for her appointment. I was passed by hospital staff, no one helped.

It’s not all bad at Scarborough Hospital though. I needed to find another department for my relatives future appointment and was kindly shown where to go and where the lift was and was escorted to where I wanted to be. For this I say a big thank you to the lady who helped me,

On leaving the hospital I needed to use the toilet on the main corridor. The was basin was so dusty I could write my name in it.

It was different to the week before when my relative had an appointment at Whitby Hospital.

I asked reception for a wheelchair and was told the porter would get one for me. Not only did he get the chair he helped get her from the car into it and the same after the appointment. For this I want to say a big thank you to him.

I think as well as help in the kitchen cooking, Scarborough Hospital needs help with the experts in cleaning of the hospital and help with patients needs, Whitby on the other hand ticks all three boxes; very helpful staff, good food and a lovely clean hospital.

Pamela Winspear, Ash Grove, Whitby