Whitby’s new West Cliff building

‘Sight of building brought tears to our eyes’

We felt we had to write to you to let you know our disappointment when we spent a few days in Whitby last week.

It has been two years since we were in Whitby, where we have holidayed many times over the last 60 years.

We were walking along West Cliff when we saw the monstrosity which had arisen out of the Moorlands Holiday Home where we spent many happy hours having lunch, tea, etc over many years.

We both stood and could not believe our eyes at the grey dismal building which was evolving. How on earth did anyone get permission to deface this beautiful area of Whitby by adding an ugly office-like building in so prominent a position? We have since been told that it is to be luxury flats.

We love this area of Whitby and spend many hours walking or sitting on the benches on the front but on seeing this ugly building we both had tears in our eyes.

Do the planners of Whitby have no pride in their beautiful town? Was there no objection to this ugly building? Could it not have been a building more in keeping with the rest of the properties in this area?

It is a disgrace to Whitby and whoever gave planning permission for this ugly building should be ashamed of themselves.