Whitby residents “stuffed”

Whitby residents you have been well and truly conned.

It is 12 months in July since Scarborough Borough council in their ultimate wisdom rejected the application by Yorkshire-based Company S Harrison’s to build a £40m Tesco eco store and affordable homes scheme on land at Whitby’s High Stakesby.

Scarborough Borough Councillors decided that we the Whitby residents should have a Sainsbury Store and an extension to the existing Co op premises instead, well SBC where is it? 12 months have passed and we are still stuck with the Coop, probably the most expensive store in the country, there is no sign of Sainsbury’s, the Coop plans have been abandoned, we have lost 93 Affordable houses that Whitby desperately needs, we have lost hundreds of jobs that our young people desperately need and the chance of a petrol station which would have broken the towns petrol price monopoly, thanks SBC for nothing.

How much do you think this con trick has cost us all? We are still paying the highest prices in the country for our food and provisions, the jobless queue of our young people is growing daily and more and more locals are homeless.

We are left with an “eyesore” on Byland Road where the Council sold off the kids playing area to build a few houses and the firm went bust, now we have some half built properties boarded up looking like a bomb site.

There’s an old cliché, “you couldn’t make it up” well, no you couldn’t make it up, but Scarborough Borough Council could and they have.

Whitby folks, consider yourselves well and truly “stuffed”

James White, Rosedale Close, Whitby by email