Whitby needs to ‘up its game in the toilet department’

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My family and I visit Whitby once a year for a short break of three or four nights.

During our latest visit last week we were horrified by the public toilet situation.

Whitby was busy, every time we visit it is busy and I assume Whitby traders and council are cashing in from these visitors.

However what visitors need primarily are food, drink and toilet facilities.

There’s plenty of food and drink, which is generally really good quality, however when we came to visit the new toilets opposite the pier, the cost was 40p – which we considered unreasonable, it felt like an insult.

What happens when a family with children want to spend the day on the beach, how can they afford to keep visiting the toilet at 40p each time for each member?

To add insult to injury, we walked to the old side of the harbour, our favourite area where we often sit on the beach and when necessary use the public toilets nearby, but not this time, they were closed for refurbishment.

Temporary toilets had been installed in the car park on this side of the harbour, although I am not sure you would actually be able to make it to the back of the car park in time from the beach if you needed the loo and if you had children there is a very busy road to cross.

I did actually visit these toilets when putting money on our car parking ticket, however they were absolutely dreadful, they were filthy. You could say it is possible to use toilets in cafes and pubs, however on walking around there are a number of notices outside establishments warning tourists that the facilities are only available to their customers, it’s not always possible to nip in for a drink if you need the toilet!

If Whitby wants good reviews from the visitors they need to up their game in the toilet department, enabling their visitors to have an enjoyable and worry free time.

Heather Hardy