Whitby needs Poo Police!

On my recent visit to Whitby I was over-whelmed by how incredibly beautiful it all is, like a piece of heaven, and a photographer’s paradise!

I hope it never goes the way of my home town, concreting it’s history till it’s just a depressing, unfriendly grey lego-land. I wonder if people lucky enough to live in Whitby realise how unique and precious the place is? I hope so.

Only negative was piles of dog-mess everywhere, I know times are tough and Scarborough Council short-change Whitby anyway but you need a Poo-Police! the fine for dog fouling needs enforcing on those selfish enough not to clear up after their pets, it’s such a shame for Whitby - having a dog is a privilege and if you can’t be bothered, just don’t have one!

I saw one grey haired ‘lady’ allow her dalmation to leave it’s waste on the beautiful beach just next to the west pier (she imagines the tide magically spirits faeces away?!) - despite the beach being busy with school-children and toddlers, including my own. She passed me smiling, I was so gobsmacked that a respectable looking middle aged woman could be so ignorant that I didn’t have the guts to do anything except glare at her. I see plenty of notices warning of fines for dog-fouling, but far more piles of cr*p.

I agree with Coun Trumper’s plea for visitors to clear their rubbish from the abbey grounds. I often clear the sands of litter as it drives me mad seeing it left, and I met another lady doing the same thing in Filey - she was from York, I’m from Sheffield.

Kim Clarke, Stannington View Road, Sheffield by email