Whitby is a town of greed

Although I see your point about motor homes parking overnight on the west cliff, I also understand the situation being a motor home owner myself.

The fact a resident would complain about a motor home is parked with owners asleep is a bit petty in my opinion as they would never complain about an unoccupied motor home. So it all comes down to what Whitby has turned into these recent years which is a town of greed.

Prices going up every year but quality getting worse even the charity shops are in on it with their overpriced items.

I own a caravan which is sited here throughout the season and I know this site as well as others, through greed, or laziness will not take two or three night bookings during summer so what other options are open to motor homers.

I would surely not book a week (in some cases £140 plus) just to come for a weekend and park on a campsite.

By stopping these people parking overnight will not stop them doing it and force onto a site, it will just force them to go elsewhere where they will get away with it. One click on Met Office website and off they will go to wherever the nice weather is.

That is why this scheme wont work. Motor homes have such freedom to go where they choose and park where they choose.

I come through here regularly in winter when the majority of campsites are shut. Looks like I shall be staying in Darlington this winter. And may I add other tourist resorts even cater for motor homes having specialised parking areas which Whitby might want to consider.

Mark Bradshaw, Witton crescent, Darlington by email