Whitby in Doom

Another nails in Whitby’s coffin, ie the closure of the west extension.

When are Whitby’s so-called councillors going to wake up.

These so called representations of Whitby even have the nerve to ban democratically elected members of the harbour committee from the meeting appertaining to this very subject.

Here are a few more things they may like to chew over, ie removal of seats on Scotch Head September 2008, never to be replaced, removal of two static waste bins west pier, never replaced, grassing over of flowerbeds St Hilda’s Terrace November 2008, removal of waste bin Henrietta Street, never replaced, lighting on west pier non existent all summer, probably never to be replaced and now 14 September knocking down concrete seats around lighthouse. Iron railings at foot of 199 steps have suddenly become rope.

If, as they say the extension bridge is falling into decay, why not do away with the old bridge dolphins which have served no purpose since the days of sail apart from choking up the harbour after a big fresh and get rid of a really rotten eyesore.

I think Scarborough is trying to destroy Whitby by degrees while spending millions on the biggest white elephant in Yorkshire, the one and only Open Air Theatre; I bet it’s nearly paid for itself after this fantastic summer we’ve all had.

While we’re on the subject, who was the engineer in charge of repairs to the east extension who allowed a metal tracked crane to travel from Bridge Street to the east pier without using rubber mats, thus smashing and grinding hundreds of sets in its wake. Sack him, he hasn’t the brains of a racing horse and then sue the contractors, then sack our so called councillors who do nothing but feather their own nests and lets have some fair deals.

Lastly all credit to Pannett Park volunteers and the gardeners who make it a credit to the town.

But possibly Whitby In Bloom should be changed to Whitby In Doom.

Dave Ross, Henrietta Street, Whitby