Whitby heritage ‘exploited’

Your reader, J Wood, beggars belief to me.

She/he moved into the heart of Whitby (still an incomer despite 40 years), could hardly get closer to the harbour and cliffs where, surprise, surprise, his/her neighbours are seagulls.

Living in Sandgate necessitates using a nearby residents car park, surely also taken into the equation when deciding to move into the area.

It seems J Wood is unhappy with the seagulls and with her/his parking arragnements.

The obvious answer is to move, this solution though is rejected out of hand. Could it be there is a lucrative business interest attached to this decision?

Something which involves tourists perhaps?

The balance in Whitby, it seems to me, has shifted with incomers outnumbering locals.

The heritage has been exploited for greed and excess by the few at the expense of the locals.

The seagulls, also displaced, are made the scapegoat of this situation.

J Wood would just like one or two seagulls left to lend a picturesque quaintness to the place, albeit at a safe distance from themselves or their car.

Perhaps we can put the rest in a glass case in the museum with the rest of the old fossils up there.

We could have a case also for the Whitby local or maybe put them on a reservation somewhere.

Oh, I forgot, they already do that don’t they, a caravan park in Scarborough.

Susan Barlow, St Hilda’s Court, Whitby