Whitby Gazette - ‘insightful and informative’

Thank you Whitby Gazette!

Humorous, insightful and informative it is.

Every Friday I treat myself with a lengthy breakfast with the paper.

Gutter press papers have nothing on it.

Amongst the regular treats, It’s great for local sport.

Zara, my daughter, enjoys ‘looking for Cook’, Enid, my mother, likes having the week’s TV guide. Tessa, my wife, loves the local events information.

Time has only improved the writing.

Everyone is catered for.

I’m surely not alone in appreciating the photography.

Saturday and Sunday papers have nothing of note. So as not to be too gushing, my only suggestion for change would be to bin the cartoon.

Hardly a major criticism, it’s just not funny to me.

That’s all I can find that I’m not a fan of, so well done Whitby Gazette.

James Butler, High Street, Castleton