Whitby - a ghetto of empty properties in the winter

Of course there should limitations on holiday lets.

Our children cannot afford to buy in their home town because strangers with larger purses can come and buy.

They never live in the town and in some streets through the winter there is effectively a ghetto of empty properties.

In the summer parking is impossible because two and sometimes three cars per holiday home are parked for the whole week - this means that shopping has to be carried quite a distance which can be a problem for all sorts of reasons.

Before the letting agents scream that they are bringing income to the town let’s have a thought for those of us that live here and maybe these business people would like to walk in our shoes and see how they like living with the problems that are caused.

I could go on about the noise of late night revellers coming home etc but enough I think the point has been made.

Disgruntled resident, Whitby town by email

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