Where is the consultation?

I note that the plan for the park and ride scheme has been approved by our beloved council, do they also approve of the residents’ parking which is part of the scheme?

When this came up a few years ago we had meetings/presentations to show what was planned and guess what, it was rejected but now it’s going a head again on the back of the park and ride.

The reason it was rejected was that it not only charged us for something we had for free but it also reduced dramatically the number of parking places.

Non-residents could and still will be able to park, 9am to 4/5pm, at a very small fee per hour and this is a scheme for residents?

This is just a scheme to extract more money from us, the residents, which will probably go towards the cost of running the park and ride scheme which should stand alone.

Yes we know they tell us it will only cost us a few pounds but you know as well as I do that it will, within two or three years, be £20 or so as it is in Scarborough.

Our council, as usual, don’t bother to involve people in decision making which affects us directly, it’s about time they asked us what we would prefer and invite to us their meeting.

Remember the fiasco about the Mayfield road junction where you could only turn right coming out of Fishburn Road, we just happen to find out by accident so we then went to the council meeting and got it altered.

According to “Newsbrief” a consultation has been carried out into the scheme and a final decision is to be taken on 12 March.

What consultation?

Who was asked?

When did this consultation take place?

If you were asked did you know it involved a resident parking scheme where you can only park in your specific area?

Dear council members, please remember, we vote so that you can look after our interests, so please look again at this residents’ parking scheme and look after your voters.

Rod Howarth, Fishburn Park, Whitby.