Where is Ellisons Yard?

I wonder if anyone at the Gazette, or it’s readers, can help with my querie?

Having left Whitby some 45 years ago I decided to look into my family history, as usual you never seem to ask questions when you are younger, if I had it would have really helped when doing my family tree.

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Whitby with an old friend to look for an address in Baxtergate, “Ellisons Yard”.

This is where my grandmother was born, Mary Jane Boyes (born 1889) along with seven other siblings.

Her mother was Alice Boyes, nee Harland, (born 1864) and her father’s name was William Wright Boyes, (born 1861).

We went the length of Baxtergate and back but with no luck.

There are many yards with name plates on but there are also quite a few without.

I would be very grateful for any help in trying to find Ellisons Yard if it is still there.

Phil Kitson by email