Wheelie bin collecton unacceptable

Regarding wheelie bin collection.

I live at Biller Howe Farm and pay SBC a yearly charge to empty my dustbin.

This is because it is a larger bin and I put silage plastic in it.

I take the bin one mile to the road end at Pond Hill to be collected.

Last week I took the bin on Thursday night for the Friday collection. It was not emptied.

I phoned the council who said they would loiok into it. No one came to empty the bin although dustcarts would be passing.

I’ve had to take the rubbish to the road end opposite Boggle Hole loose and pile it in a heap to blow all over until it is collected.

I think this is totally unacceptable when I pay for the waste collection service.

What can be done about it?

David Hanson, Biller Howe Farm, Fylingdales