Whatever happened to Arriva’s bus?

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Whatever happened to the 11.10am bus from Scarborough today, 26 June?

I was sitting on a fence in a blustery SE wind in Hawsker for 50 minutes waiting for it.

An Arriva bus whizzed by at 12.25pm labelled “Sorry Not In Service”.

My hopes that this might be the 11.10am, 25 minutes late were dashed.

Finally an almost viable bus appeared at 12.46pm, ie I mean it was jam packed with people standing from front to back.

I asked the driver if it was the 11.10am.

He said he was about on time, so I assumed it was the 11.40am only a quarter of an hour late and that the 11.10am had been missed out.

My suspicions were confirmed when a man got in at Stainsacre and said he’d been waiting an hour.

Mary Shorter, Esk Terrace, Whitby by email