What happened to democracy?

Having read the article “NHS here to serve patients” in the Write Stuff, 5 August, I feel impelled to add a few words.

What happened to democracy? Whitby is a wonderful town, ask anyone who has been here. It attracts many people throughout the year and it needs its hospital.

Has any one elected Whitby councillor, expressed the opinion that our hospital should be constantly nibbled at until it is of no use whatever?

Has any Scarborough Councillor, elected by Whitby to serve Whitby, expressed the opinion that closing the hospital bit by bit is a good idea?

I think not. Our elected member of parliament Robert Goodwill MP has continually fought to keep the hospital open. The people of Whitby want their hospital maintained to a proper standard so that it will serve the purpose for which it was built, namely to bring the services of the National Health Service, to the people of the district.

Who then is this PCT? Who elected them? They seem not to be interested in serving the people, the people incidentally that pay their salary.

Come on PCT, come clean. What is the outcome you are after, and why?

This little by little removing the services from Whitby, then as Whitby folk have to go elsewhere for treatment, you declare there aren’t enough people attending here to warrant keeping the services going, is mean, underhand and unfair.

Whitby hospital has a brilliant reputation with the local people and very many commendations from visitors in need of its services. Bring it up to its full potential, that’s the way to earn the gratitude of the local people.

Bill Baker, Cherry Close, Whitby