What a load of rubbish

Having to read the rubbish that you publish on your letter page week after week about dogs, dog muck, dog owners, dogs on beaches etc (I agree with some of them, but I’m bored now), I think a letter about rubbish wouldn’t be out of place.

Fact: Britain is Europe’s council tip, the dirtiest place in the EEC, so isn’t it about time we did something about it?

I notice that councils throughout the country quite rightly have vigorous campaigns against bad dog owners, but there is never a murmur about the rubbish which litters our public areas, hedgerows, streets, laybys, and foreshore.

I remember in the 1970s the “Keep Britain Tidy” campaign; you never hear those three words today.

What do parents teach their children, what do the schools teach their students? (rubbish appears to be more prevalent around schools).

Where are the “pick up your litter & take it home” signs?

Visitors write letters complaining about the state of the town, but they need to remember that they are partly responsible, so William Hallam of Garden Walk, Rotherham, tidy up your own town before you start banging on about ours, ‘cos I know where I would prefer to go for my vacation.

Fact; dog mess (though abhorrent) washes away, plastic bottles are there forever.

I walk my dog up the railway line to Hawsker and back along the main road every morning and on average pick up a dozen empty plastic bottles.

On the rare occasion I have to visit Scarborough (a very dirty rundown town) I dare not let my dog stray off the path in Castle Gardens just in case it might injure itself in the undergrowth.

“We need more bins” you might say, but you will be surprised that most littering is around the few bins we have. Bins are not the answer, education is.

So come on Scarborough Borough Council, take off your “dog muck blinkers” and start doing something about your filthy borough. Get into the schools and educate, erect more signs, fine those who litter (amateur football clubs who leave their bottles and rubbish on playing fields for example) and to those that litter, stop being so bone idle and selfish, open your eyes and appreciate what is around you.

Dan Inman, Queen’s Drive, Whitby