Whalebones must remain in Whitby

I READ with mixed feelings in this week’s Gazette (17 February) that the whalebones have been saved.

It was a generous pledge from the Skelwith Group but I feel very strongly that the bones must remain in Whitby.

The whalebones were in fact gifted to Whitby in recognition of Whitby’s past whaling history and should be sited in Whitby.

I think that Pannett Park could find a position for the bones.

Since the excellent restoration of the park, there is now a group of caring gardeners looking after the park and I’m sure they would care for the bones also.

Then of course there is the museum which is also a fitting home for the bones.

I hope that you will put this suggestion to the Skelwith Group and I hope that they will still keep their pledge.

Heather Mather, Ainthorpe Lane, Ainthorpe by email