Whale slaughter celebration ‘distasteful’

I read with interest your article in the Whitby Gazette dated Friday 12 August on the water spouts and laser ideas for the piers in Whitby.

This country is a civilised nation and as such I would be very surprised at anyone who supported the distasteful idea of Mr Ward’s which basically celebrates an era which has long gone.

It is with dismay that I cannot say the same about the Faroe Islands, Norway and Japan but even those countries are starting to realise that basically most of the whale meat is contaminated and the modern society does not condone such cruel methods of slaughter.

I do hope the good people of Whitby support Mr McCarthy’s idea which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death and I believe his International Film Festival is starting to grow bigger and indeed brings money into the town in the form of the many tourists who stay for the duration of the Festival.

Caroline Richardson by email