WHAG - where are you?

Surely this has got to be a valid case for keeping Whitby Hospital up and running.

It took me two hours to cover 19 miles - which usually takes 30 minutes.

Snow - from Pickering to Whitby - an absolutely horrendous journey. We were stopped by the police to wait for the gritters which, surprise, surprise, hadn’t been out. Well done Scarborough Borough Council.

My point being there was no way an ambulance could have made it in an emergency.

Also the Scarborough road was closed so no go there.

This must register with the people involved in Whitby Hospital, but also common sense would dictate, hospitals like Whitby take massive pressure off the larger ones that give inferior quality service because of too much pressure, no beds etc, while there are perfectly good ones here - like Whitby and Malton that are available.

Will it take someone to die before somebody realises their worth?

Whitby Hospital Action Group, where are you?

Suzy Prout, Sandgate, Whitby