Well done Bon Marche

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The Marine Conservation Society would like to thank the Bon Marche Store, Whitby, for taking the environmentally responsible decision to cancel a balloon release that had been planned as part of the store’s 30th Anniversary celebrations this month.

Balloon releases are harmful to marine wildlife such as turtles, who may eat balloons in mistake for their favourite food, jellyfish, and many species are at risk from entanglement in strings sometimes attached to balloons.

Released balloons pose a similar threat to land-living animals including farm stock, and add to the already serious litter problem faced in the UK.

Although latex balloons are biodegradable, they take months or even years to break down, and certainly far too long to be considered environmentally safe.

More information on the Don’t Let Go Campaign may be found at www.mcsuk.org, or by emailing info@mcsuk.org or calling us on 01989 566017.

Our sincere thanks go to Bon Marche, Whitby, we wish the store every success in the future.

Ann Hunt, The Marine Conservation Society, Don’t Let Go Campaign, by email