We are sorry to say goodbye to Whitby

My wife and I have been coming to Whitby for the last 12 years in the winter to fish from the piers.

We rent a cottage at least three times each winter, we buy all our fishing bait locally from Rods and Reels, we have also bought tackle whilst in Whitby and we support the local Lifeboat

This year because the piers are closed we are saying goodbye to Whitby and moving further down the coast to Bridlington, where Scarborough Council cannot control the fishing.

From several conversations we have had with others it looks like a mass exodus to other fishing grounds for a lot of fishermen, quite a loss of revenue for the town over the quiet winter months.

Scarborough has a very bad name among the fishing fraternity, they have ruined the fishing in Scarborough and now they seem determined to do the same in Whitby along with everything else.

The writing was on the wall when the walkway on the east pier was removed for repair and not replaced, their next step was to close access to the Battery where we all parked our cars, which could be seen from the pier. Being disabled this was a major blow to us, then the road next to the golf course giving access to the sea wall was closed, now the closing of the west pier is the last straw.

What happened to the badge that used to be on the bridge, my understanding is that it was removed from Whitby and re-erected in Scarborough. Typical!

Mr and Mrs Gibson, Harrogate, by email