Wasted money on lights

Reading your article in the Whitby Gazette on 25 May regarding the heritage-style street lighting in some of Whitby’s old yards, being too expensive to repair or replace.

If the council is so short of money to repair them and keep some of Whitby’s heritage, let them answer me one question. Why when you go down Skinner street and Flowergate are there thousands of coloured lights?

They are even better now than they were at Christmas. Surely the money is wasted on these lights and could go towards keeping a little bit of Whitby’s past, or are the lights to be added to the ever growing list of things never to be replaced or repaired in the town ie East and West piers, the lighthouse and the Scoresby statue from the dock end.

We all know that if the lights were in Scarborough they would be replaced .

Adiran Nelson, Upgang Lane, Whitby by email