War memorial - how does one sit with respect?

Winspear in the Whitby Gazette, August 2.

He says that he does not have a problem with people sitting around the war memorial as long as it is done with respect.

Firstly, by merely sitting on the memorial it shows a distinct lack of respect, and secondly, can he explain or demonstrate exactly how one sits with respect?

His complete lack of interest in the defence of the war memorial and the honour with which it is held brings in to question why he is on the Armed Forces Committee. He should fall on his sword and resign.

The Scarborough Borough Council and Whitby Town Council should also be more robust and throw off the apathy with which it deals with local issues - the enforcement of local parking( camper vans overnight on the West Cliff), dogs on the beach, littering and road traffic restrictions ( St Anne’s Staith).

Society generally push the boundaries and there are falling moral standards including lacking in respect.

My father and brother served in the military and I had distant relatives who served and were killed in the First World War.

I have on two occasions asked politely for tourists to move off the war memorial steps and I will continue to do so.

I hope others will join me in upholding the dignity of the war memorial.

Brian Moore

Stakesby Manor, Whitby