Wake up Fishbourn Park

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Are you aware that NYCC Highways Dept wishes to alter the junction the end of Mayfield Road that joins Prospect Hill, Waterstead Lane and the A174 Whitby-Scarborough Road?

No, you are probably not. It was plastered over the front of the Whitby Gazette a few weeks back but seems to have been overtaken by more worldly things like the Olympics.

Over the past few weeks there has been much said about proposals to alter the Mayfield/Prospect Hill junction. Without a shadow of a doubt the junction needs a complete re-think as it is dangerous and almost no longer fit for purpose. The way NYCC Highways has communicated their intent has been poor. Various options and questionnaires have been sent to some addresses while others feel they have been deliberately ignored. The ‘new’ paperwork is vague, to say the least, and it has angered many residents in Fishburn Park leaving them feeling isolated and deliberately left out of the consultation process, until recently.

“The council is required to consult those directly affected by the proposal.”

Curiously enough I have not spoken to anyone in Fishburn Park who actually received any form of consolation paperwork. I contacted the Borough Council and asked to have a copy of the associated paperwork sent to me. Interestingly, in a letter dated 6 August 2012, the second last paragraph, Mr Stephen Wright, Traffic Signals Engineer states “If no reply I will consider that you are in general agreement.”

We can’t reply if we are not aware!

There is talk of removing the existing Pelican crossing on Mayfield Road and letting pupils of the nearby schools and college use the new ‘cinder track’ (I believe they mean the old railway track). There is more talk about being unable to turn right out of Waterstead Lane or turn right into Waterstead Lane! Personally, I find neither idea acceptable; we certainly do not want to have to drive all the way down to the ‘Co-op roundabout’ or about turn and then turn left into Windsor Terrace to reach our Fishburn Park address. We would simply be moving the problem further into town making a bad situation worse.

Whitby’s popularity increases, bringing in more cars yet Whitby’s roads were not designed for such an increasing volume of traffic; nevertheless the roads are constantly been used by large articulated lorries and wagons. If the County Council are that concerned by the increased flow of lorries or wagons tending supermarkets and such like, perhaps they could have negotiated more adroitly with organisations like Sainsbury’s, for example, to offset the cost of installing a roundabout.

I am sure we have all noticed that at the junction the traffic signals of red, green and yellow seem to mean different things to people, with common sense becoming every more scarce. I would have thought a combination of a roundabout, timely and better signage, or perhaps no roundabout but a yellow boxed ‘No entry’ central zone with camera surveillance would go a long way to alleviating the issue. It is a growing problem and will not go away and, if it is considered expensive now, if we put it off, it will cost a lot more in the future. Perhaps the situation can be resolved without the need for a multi-million pound roundabout. But we all need hard facts to make an informed judgement.

A petition, along with all the facts of the latest proposal, is now available to sign at the “Railway Chippy”, Fishburn Park. You must come and have your say at the extraordinary meeting of the town council planned for the 28 August at 6pm in Pannett Park Art Gallery; do not let apathy rule, unlike the park and ride let’s get some right for once.

CS Tonnar, Cleveland Place, Cleveland Place, Whitby