Victorian weekend?

Lavinia Haversham
Lavinia Haversham

I would like through your newspaper to thank the good people of Whitby.

I visited your charming little town the other weekend and was able to turn back time.

I came in my Victorian clothing and I did not feel one jot out of place, indeed I was made most warmly welcome amongst your ancient cobbled streets.

Everyone was so kind and friendly and it was as if time had stood still! I am now of some good age and I noticed many others like me amongst your Goth visitors.

It would be wonderful if one of your local entrepreneurs could develop a weekend for us older time travellers, we could maybe go to an old time music hall etc and really let our hair down!

As well as putting new life into our older veins it could also extend the Whitby calendar to turn the town into a Victorian town again, just for a couple of days each year.

I am sure this would really make the town even more unique than it already is and would be something we all, young and old could enjoy bringing folk from far and wide.

I shall come again with my friends, I have great expectations of your lovely town.

Lavinia Havisham, Rochester, Kent