Use it or lose it

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I am writing to say yes!

It would be a good idea if there were later buses from Scarborough at night because the service we have now got only caters for drivers, that is if they don’t mind driving in bad weather over the moors in winter.

Entertainments in Scarborough finishes well after the last bus back to Whitby.

There’s lots of things I myself would like to go to but can’t unless I drive and apart from anything else i don’t like driving in the dark and there is often some very careless drivers on that road which is a bad road at best of times.

Like this lady Margaret, I suggest it’s worth a try, say it could be on a trial say for a few months or so, and if they lose by it they can always knock it off. At least they will have given it a go.

It’s really up to the people to use it if it is provided for or they can’t complain.

Mrs J Thornton, Church Street, Whitby