Use it or lose it

I am writing this letter to ask the people of Whitby and district to please use the Arriva evening bus service no 100 which operates from the 93 Scarborough stand in Station Square.

The buses leave at 7.35pm, 9.05pm and 10.35pm to Fylingthorpe. The service runs Monday to Saturday.

The bus runs from Robin Hood’s Bay, leaves at 11pm back to Whitby.

Perhaps many people do not realise Robin Hood’s Bay is a wealth of entertainment in the evening.

Monday evening a live rock group performs in the Dolphin Pub; Tuesday evening, Steve Phillips performs in the Grosvenor Hotel with his group.

The Grosvenor Hotel and Fylingdales Inn has music every weekend.

Why not have an evening in this picturesque location, have a bar meal and look at the sunset over the bay. Have a drink in the Laurel or Bay Hotel. No worries about drinking and driving, you will find the locals very friendly.

I have continually liaised with councillors to maintain this service and have made several telephone calls and written many letters. It will be dreadful if this service is discontinued through lack of use.

Remember 1965 when Dr Beeching closed the local railway lines? The railway lines were never reinstated. Once the buses are stopped they will never return.

This service has only been guaranteed for one year but will need to be seen to be used. It is a pilot scheme.

I’ll ask you once more - please support this service!

From: Cherrill Allsop-Seward, High Hawsker