Up the Seasiders

What a season for the ‘Blues’ under Tommy Cassidy, real problems and relegation looking certain.

We lost nine games in a row, last time we did this was I’m told back in the 1960s.

But along came Darren Williams as manager and he changed the whole atmosphere. He treats people with respect and listens to them and the players have responded in a very positive way.

The Prime Minister tells us we are all in this together. Well we are at Whitby, the fans will give 100% support when they see the commitment that the players showed us under Darren’s leadership.

At the start of next season I will have been supporting Whitby FC for 29 years unbroken service and I feel we have entered a new era.

I am looking for the club to move forward and not have to worry about relegation. So in conversation to all supporters keep coming to Upgang Lane and encourage more people to come to the matches. We need more bums on seats. Well I’ll close now and hope to see you in late August when it all starts again.

Up the seasiders.

Eric (Blue Army) Matson, High Street, Skelton