Up the Seasiders

Best wishes to Darren Williams our new manager of Whitby Football Club.

The players seem very happy with his appointment so the days of talking are now over and the days for action are now upon us.

I have supported the club for 28 years unbroken service, so I ask all the supporters to support the club and to encourage all ex supporters to come back to the Turnbull Ground.

Let’s forget about the last 12 months and move on and all I ask Darren to do is concentrate on managing and not to think about playing.

We need more experience and quality especially in the forwards so this must be a top priority and encourage Ashley Lythe to come back.

From the chairman Graham Manser down, we are all in this together so let’s pull together and more up the league.

Up the seasiders.

Eric (Blue Army) Matson, High Street, Skelton.