Unique musical occasion

A unique musical occasion took place last Saturday evening (16 April) in St Hilda’s Church, West Cliff, in the presence of Whitby Town Mayor Councillor Jennison.

The occasion was the performance of Handel’s magnificent and highly popular Messiah; lastingly popular at that, since 1741 with both performers and listeners alike.

The uniqueness lay in the fact that the combined choral societies of Guisborough and St Hilda’s Whitby, accompanied, as was most proper, by St Hilda’s Festival Orchestra; were amalgamating for the first time in St Hilda’s Church.

It must be said though that the two societies had performed Messiah the previous week in St Nicholas’ Church, Guisborough.

The Whitby occasion was most magnificent and moving. The appreciation generated by a very large audience present; and the playing and the signing of a group of musicians well in excess of 100, will long be remembered.

The evening was a culmination of many weeks of hard work. In the immediate future, St Hilda’s Festival Chorus starts rehearsals for a performance on 12 November of popular works by Jenkins, Vaughan Williams and Rossini.

Ernie Marsden, Coach Road, Sleights