Unfulfilled promises

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Full marks for the pensioner Dorothy Denny who has written to David Cameron concerning the Runswick Bay toilets being closed and sold.

Scarborough Borough Council are too good at doing this and making promises that are unfulfilled.

I just don’t know what is in their heads.

Whitby and surrounding areas are in very bad need of more toilets, not less.

It seems to me all the council is thinking about is money not the people at all.

They have already shut far too many toilets down. It was promised when they shut Church Street ones down by the car park that they would replace them, but they never have and it’s years ago.

The ones that remain are disgustingly unkept, unhealthy and unsafe.

Might I suggest the best thing that the council should do before they shut down and sell these so much needed toilets is to build new ones first.

Mrs J Thornton, Church Street, Whitby