Trimmed hedges would have made event safer

I would like to commend and thank the organisers of the 60th Pickering Steam Rally that took place last weekend.

It was a great event and appeared to attract thousands of people.

There was lots to see and do for all kinds of people and ages.

The car parking arrangements clearly worked well and traffic delays kept to a minimum for those travelling to the event. However it did seem that locals or tourists who decided to walk to the event from the town weren’t catered for quite so well.

The pavement in and out of the town from the showground is only a narrow one in places, which is fine, but the hedges and trees that are on the Malton Road stretch near Haygate Lane were not tended to.

This meant that it was only wide enough for one person at a time.

So when people wanted to pass they had to step onto the busy ‘A’ road.

All it would have took was a quick trim, as its only probably a 500 yard stretch.

It may seem a trivial thing to comment on but it would just have made the walk, that many must have undertaken, that little it safer.

That being said, can’t wait till next years rally.

Mr S Scrivener, Pickering Resident