Tractor collection for cancer charity

For the past fifty five years the Whitby Tractor Road Run has selected a charity to which it donates the proceeds of a day’s run of some 55 miles round the villages.

Not for the first time, Marie Curie Cancer Care was chosen this year to receive the proceeds given by the generous folk and children waiting en route for the parade of tractors.

Fifteen well disciplined and various types of vintage tractors (I was reminded of those Magnificent Men in their flying machines) travelling in ‘Line Ahead’ formation forged their way for some six hours along the busy high-ways and some of the remote bye ways. of our region.

The event was organised by Nick Gallon of Sleights and generously supported by his 15 strong team of owner/drivers, to all whom go my thanks, as they do, to Mike Shardlow, Zoe and family.

Our benefit for the day amounted to £236.51.

With my sincere thanks to you too

Maisie Marsden, Whitby Marie Curie Cancer Care