Town crammed with too many visitors

Just how many visitors does this town need?

Already, almost throughout the year, pavements are overcrowded, the roads jammed, the shops and businesses very well patronised, and of course the car parks and parking spaces full, mostly to the detriment of ordinary residents.

Understandably the businesses which we benefit from and welcome, want as many as possible, but there is a limit, which may already have been exceeded.

Now we plan for a park and ride scheme to bring even more people in. To be paid for, largely it appears, by us, the residents, through even more charges and restrictions. For the benefit of a very few.

The roads will be just as full with visitors looking for parking spaces rather than leave their cars outside of the town, the pavements even more crowded.

Yes, we said we wanted something doing, but to benefit residents, not penalise them.

Perhaps large signs north and south saying ‘town full’ would help more.

WE Walton

Harrowing Drive, Whitby