Toilets a disgrace

I wholeheartedly agree about Chris Mallinson’s letter about the Khyber Pass toilets – they are a disgrace.

But this is not the only problem toilet in Whitby.

The Shambles toilets are well named being dirty and poorly maintained.

The paid for toilets (40p!) opposite the railway station are fine but are shut at 5pm when still in the holiday season.

The West Cliff toilets (which were shut last year but open again now) have no hot water.

And then there are the ones which are at the Whitby Abbey site (furthest corner from the Visitor Centre so you can get soaked crossing the fields to access!).

These are again run by the Council.

They too, are a disgrace. I liken them to an inner-city drug zone. They smell and the totally metal insides are intimidating.

Here we are at a nationally important English Heritage site and the toilets take you back to the Middle Ages.

It really is about time that the council took a greater interest as visitors and tourists are the people who bring hard earned cash into the local community.

Malcolm McCoskery, Buckhurst Hill, Essex by email