To wonderful Whitby

Taking in the beauty of this place for the first time I can see why people return on a regular basis.

Strong ornate buildings cascaded down to a breathtaking coastline and cliffs sweep ahead in the distance. Divided by the river and a spectacular opening bridge one side hosts places to stay, shops to visit, pubs to explore and cosy dining while just across the way you can walk the cobbled streets, view the harbour, find new watering holes, shop again, buy some kippers and gaze at the abbey.

But there is much more to this town, even on a cold January weekend the place was busy, the prices reasonable and the people friendly. So what is Whitby’s secret?

There was a pride about the town and a feeling of mutual togetherness. This was reflected in the atmosphere and hospitality.

Living on the North East coast myself I can understand the passion that is held for this part of England and visiting Whitby re-established my faith in human kindness, it had so much to offer expected little in return but gave with generosity and warmth. Long may it continue.

From a new found friend Suzanne McDonough, Old Hartley, Northumberland.