To sit or not to sit? That is the question

To sit or not to sit?

That seems to be the million dollar question about the new war memorial at Dock End.

I was walking by yesterday and observed a man remonstrating with a group of international students who were sitting on the base of the monument. He said that they were being disrespectful, and told them to get off it which they did.

This man was really rude to these visitors who were behaving themselves, just chattering, doing their field study and eating some lunch. English wasn’t their first language and the man gesticulated to them waving his arms, again in a rude manner, to make his point.

About half an hour later, I passed the memorial again and this time a group of elderly people were sat around it.

My understanding is that chains were not put around the memorial so that people could approach it. Inevitably then people will sit on it, particularly when there is no signage asking them not to do so and when all the benches nearby are full like they were yesterday.

With this in mind, visitors to our town should not be treated in such a rude way, particularly when they are contributing to our local economy as these students clearly had been shopping at local shops.

There was no need for this man to be rude – his behaviour was disgraceful.

If the town council don’t want people to sit on the base of the memorial, they should hang a chain barrier from the four bollards that surround the monument.

Peter Cooper, Kirkham Road, Whitby