Time to negotiate on potash offer

To all who have contacted us - many thanks for your welcome support to our letter and a future welcome to those we hope will contact us this next week.

Before I update you on our progress could I ask you all to consider what is in front of us -a new start-up company could be highly risky and come to nothing.

Then your rights could be sold on, you become a commodity, so the price has to be far increased from present offer.

However, if successful, it might have a huge impact on our local area.

York Potash has stated that its terms are “non-negotiable” - sorry everything in the world is negotiable.

We may not reach an agreement but all is negotiable, so to impose a June deadline is totally unrealistic.

A transferable option means you may not know who you will be dealing with six months down the line.

Any transfer of option needs a “get-out clause” - I suggest 10 years completion of mine head, with a say in who we are sold onto and a share in proceeds.

As of yet, we have no comparables which would assist in saying whether this offer is fair.

Contact us for this info as this may be our last freebie.

Apart from the National Farmers’ Union, we now have associations with the Country and Landowners’ Association and have spoken to Mineral Surveyors Wardle Armstrong of Newcastle.

Please text or phone now 07775 711865 or email angelampattinson@gmail.com

From David Pattinson, Fylingdales, via email