Time for a challenge

Many people, passenger transport watchdog groups, parish and borough councils suggested ways money could have been saved rather than cutting funds to vital evening bus services.

The way that North Yorkshire County Council did their consultation into cutting the Sunday and evening bus subsidy could be overturned by a judicial review or an auditor’s investigation.

40% of evening bus passengers are travelling to or from work. Lack of money not lack of passengers was the reason Scarborough district saw its bus service decimated on 17 April. Scarborough District is the poor relation in North Yorkshire, with the lowest wages and highest numbers of non-car owning families we need our evening buses.

Whitby especially has been hard hit. The consultation was a waste of time, now let’s do something to change it.

Have you had to give up work due to no evening bus, or hunt around for lifts? Are you facing difficulty getting back from health care especially with health treatment often requiring people to travel further to York, Bridlington and Hull Hospitals?

If you, your family or friends have suffered direct hardship by the evening buses being cut please contact me Nick Harvey on (01723) 890453. We have a short time to put in a challenge.

Nick Harvey, Green Party Councillor, Hertford Ward, Hunmanby, Filey by email